My First (Rainbow) Cake

My first impression when I saw this cake just like "Hey, the cake is so fake. Look at the colors! Photoshop made this cake..". I didn't have any clues that this cake can be so colorful with food coloring (I mean,  the case could be like someone who is too much creative made the cake by combining the rainbow color used Photoshop). But, it's  an original cake with sweet taste, and lovely colors. Several days ago, I had my first rainbow cake, bought at bakery shop, Baker's King. The price is IDR 18.5k.

Aaannnd, on July 25th Holland Bakery will have a promo for rainbow cake with 20% discount. Available at all Holland's outlet. Don't miss it folks! :)

Actually, I wanna try the rainbow cake at Ninotchka Jakarta. Testimonials from many people said the cake really really delicious.


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