Keep Breathing

I realized as I'm getting older, there are so many questions and worries in my life like whether am I a success person, have I raised all my dreams, am I happy with the things that I've got right now, have I done the right things? Trust me, those questions always come before sleeping.

I am a hard worker. Yes, I am. I do all things with all my heart. I enjoy every single things, in the beginning. But now, I feel awfully tired, seems like my life is a black hole. Sounds pity but hey, it's real. That's the fact!

Another facts is there are some people gave compliments for my life, for what I've done for life that I want to live. And some people said that they're envy for my persistence since to be persistent is not easy.

Actually, it's not about getting acknowledgement from other people to keep you survive and content. But, I realized that when I try to see the whole thing in a big picture, I don't think that I need to nag about my life. All of us, humans in this world, have chances to change the world. No, it's not the "world" literally, but maybe the closest world you're living in. For my case, I live in the environment with some people with different characters and I need to be the neutral ones. One of my chances to change the world is to persuade people around me to live a better culture, to develop ourselves in a better version, time by time.

When I decided to take responsibility, so I should known the consequences in the beginning, right? So, keep breathing. When you have bad day doesn't mean that you have a bad life.. :)



While I'm writing this post, I was typing to reply an email from my friend. I have no idea why I was smiling when I read my friend's email. But, something's funny knowing my friend shoot me an email. We have a similar birth day (in different year) but we are opposite in characteristics. Most of our friends say that I'm feminine and my friend is masculine. I am more tender and she is more firm. Etc, etc.

I didn't throw any birthday party since I was busy doing my works. And some plans cancelled because the time is not perfect, so I spent my birthday alone in a very good way. Yes, I did :)
I got birthday greetings from my friends: best friends, new friends, old friends, workmates. I also got birthday surprise that I really appreciate it and I love it. Thank you, anyway. My family is the last team to congratulate me and I got selfie bomb from my little sister. Thank you, sweety! *kiss kiss*. I just feeling so grateful.

For last four months, I chopped my hair to bob style. I love it anyway. Somehow, after having a cut, I regret it for around 5 minutes. After it, I smiled because I always think that my hair will grow longer. So why must worry? Actually, having a shorter hair made me addicted since I promised myself that I'm gonna stop to cut my hair after last month I have one. But, I chopped my hair last night :D. I took a selfie this morning. So, here is the new haircut.



From the past experiences, I learned a lesson that we, human, shouldn't be too naive to believe in something that too shade. Why should we think that everything will run perfectly but we are just imperfect creatures that sometimes did mistakes. But hey, from mistakes we can learn something to be a better person. So, just feel content and enjoy life, even you are alone or be with your lovely people. Cheer up! :) <3

I will post another content section since I wrote a draft. Very soon!


Say What

Friday. A new start in a new month, September. I love September, the most lovely month because I was born on September. At almost last day on the last month, I got a tiny good surprise. I wish everything will be OK. God knows the best. I know it :)


Two Places

Two places that I want to visit when I travel around:
1. Museum
2. Library



I learned that life is not always give what we want, run like what we expect. But I believe that every bad and good things happened in my life taught me to be a better person. Life is about to learn, and we human won't stop learning until time stop ticking.

Sometimes people misunderstood what we mean, vice versa we misunderstood what other people mean. Sometimes communication is not as soft as ice cream. But back again, don't feel bad over it and ruin your day. Just called it as a bad day. And we can learn to laugh at ourselves. A little sense of humor, so won't hurt anymore.

And when there's a bad day, there will be good days :D

Happy Monday *kiss* *kiss*