I love Both: Hair & Glasses

When I browsed about fashion and I found an article: men's 2012 haistyles, I'm totally fascinated with almost of all hairstyles and also the glasses. I imagined if I have a boyfriend with one of the hairstyles from the article, it's just WOW. OK, I will read their characters based on their hairstyles. Yes, don't take it too serious. I'm just guessing..

Look here fellas..

The man with his red orange glasses is number one. And the man beside the number one, his eyebrows are really pretty. Of course, his eyes are so much beautiful. After him, look at his hair, won't be in a mess although there's a wind because the hair will stay beautifully, stick to the head. And the last man, please don't loose your glasses.. :p

This guy looks like Brad Pitt. If I have a boyfriend looks like him, I guess my parents won't hate it. His characters are kind, lovely, gentle, romantic, and mature. And maybe he likes playing a guitar and a piano, drawing, hiking, and cooking. And I love a man who is really capable in cooking because I love foods!

Hmmm... little bit difficult to guess his characters. I think he is a busy man, love his career, perfectionist, and like to say: "You can't do this", "You should do this", "Please be on time". Yeah, kind of "like a boss". And he loves wearing branded and expensive items. Not my type.

Oh maaan.. Long wavy haircut. Yes, I like a man who has a wavy or curly hair. But not like this. Too over. His characters? "Girl, please comb my hair". You don't say..

As I said before, I like a man with wavy or curly hair, and his hair is curly mop top. Not bad. His characters? He hides something because one of his hands fit into his jacket's pocket. Look at his lips. Don't be easily wooed by his words because he is smart in seducing. I dislike his chin.

Yes! I love this from all of the hairstyles. Straight hair side. He looks like Arthur in Inception movie. Perfectionist, smart, briliant, serious but humorous, accurate, skillful, romantic. I like his jaw and his chin. Really cool.

So, which one of your type? :p 

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