While I'm writing this post, I was typing to reply an email from my friend. I have no idea why I was smiling when I read my friend's email. But, something's funny knowing my friend shoot me an email. We have a similar birth day (in different year) but we are opposite in characteristics. Most of our friends say that I'm feminine and my friend is masculine. I am more tender and she is more firm. Etc, etc.

I didn't throw any birthday party since I was busy doing my works. And some plans cancelled because the time is not perfect, so I spent my birthday alone in a very good way. Yes, I did :)
I got birthday greetings from my friends: best friends, new friends, old friends, workmates. I also got birthday surprise that I really appreciate it and I love it. Thank you, anyway. My family is the last team to congratulate me and I got selfie bomb from my little sister. Thank you, sweety! *kiss kiss*. I just feeling so grateful.

For last four months, I chopped my hair to bob style. I love it anyway. Somehow, after having a cut, I regret it for around 5 minutes. After it, I smiled because I always think that my hair will grow longer. So why must worry? Actually, having a shorter hair made me addicted since I promised myself that I'm gonna stop to cut my hair after last month I have one. But, I chopped my hair last night :D. I took a selfie this morning. So, here is the new haircut.

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  1. Kece kok rambut barunya... ;)
    happy bday ya neng geulis... ^______^