Miyong Oh Miyong

Last Saturday, I found a very-cute-kitten in gray fur in my fence. He or she (I didn't know surely) mew and he (I think he is a boy kitten) shivered. He looks so pitty. So, I decided to nurse him. Actually, my parents disagree with having a pet. So, I did it secretly with my youngest sister.

Retty (my youngest sister) and Miyong

Me and Miyong

Unfortunately, my daddy have known about Miyong on Tuesday and asked Retty to release Miyong. Retty texted me about Miyong when I was still in college. When I went home, I could not stand to cry. I really really cried at that time. Even when I broke up with my ex boyfriend, I did not cry as I lost Miyong. I thought that I started loving Miyong :'<


  1. kucing jenis apa vir??? masi anakan yak?? cute

  2. iya mbak. ini masih kecil banget. anak kucing kampung biasa. tapi lucuuu.. :)