There is Always A Way

Have you ever asked yourself about something and you really really curios until you got the answer unexpectedly with the unique way. I have been.. :)

When I passed through Bank Bukopin, I saw for the board with writing like this: "lost valuables or the vehicle is not the bank's responsibility". So, I asked myself about where is the parking man? Is there a parking man? Why, is it not the bank's responsibility? It's little bit odd. So, I guessed that there is no parking man.

A few days later, on Tuesday, 10 May, I accompanied my Daddy went to Bank Bukopin (and I didn't realize before if my Daddy wanted to go to this bank. Because this bank is not my daddy's list in saving IDR). When we got there, I waited him outside and sat on the stone bench. Suddenly, there is a man came to me.

This man sat beside me and greet me politely. From his outfit I can guess that he is one of the employee. He introduced himself and he said that he is a cleaning service and doubled as parking man. Okay, I repeat: parking man. I repeat again: PARKING MAN. How shocked me?? (So, I can called this like a fate. LOL!)

He told me about his life. He came from Blitar, he had worked for 12 years, and he had 3 children. He said that he wanted that his children to take a good education until university's education. But, it's not easy for him because of the salary's aspect. He also said that he is so grateful of still working there for long time because nowadays is not easy to survive long in one place although he didn't move up.

One thing that I still remembered about his words: "There is always a way". Whatever harder your life, there will always a way.. :)