Farewell Party and Birthday Surprise

May, 29th May 2011

I had two activities at that day: Mbak Lina's farewell party and Intan's birthday surprise. Honestly, it's so surprised me when I know Mbak Lina has retired from Ma Chung University and moved to Kalimantan. She is the best academic secretary that I ever know in my college. 

After farewell party, I and Mutiara went to Chun's home to celebrate Intan's birthday..

Mbak Lina's farewell party. Captured under shining sun :S :S

Intan's birthday at Chun's home

People will not know what the future will be until it comes. Sometimes we wish for many things and hope for the truth. Birthday and farewell like two conditions which have relation. Every year we get old and face the future from one year past before. So, for one year before birthday let's wish for our wishes, try to raise them and prepare for the future.. :)

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