A Day With Mutiara Aisyah

Her name is Mutiara Aisyah. We met 4 years ago for the first time. She is a nice girl. Yesterday we have walked together. 

Mutiara Aisyah
We went to: Matos, MX, McD Kayutangan, and the last we attended Eduward's home party for his graduation. 

Girly shop at Matos

Shop at MX. The shop's name remembered me of my friends. Hehe :)

After have shopping windows together for 4 hours, we went to Eduward's home by public transportation. When we get down from public transportation, we took picture of the church. This church as our mark of getting down from public transportation. And from here we have got walk to Eduward's home. Feel like tourists.. :) 

The Church

Actually, the party started at 6 pm. But, we came to early, 5.30 pm. Mutiara said that we come too early, so we decided to walk turn around the street among Eduward's home. We went to a shop that sell used goods and McD to wait for 6 pm.

McD Kayutangan

Our narcism :)

Strawberry float. Imagine how many sugar there.

A gift for Mutiara with a letter too.

A kid who is really excited with the balloons.

6 pm we leaved Mc D and walked to Eduward's home. 

Me, Tika, Luci, Mutiara. Long time no see, girl!

Before going home. Congrats Edo!


  1. senenggg, besok2 lagi yaa.. :D
    btw, love the gift so muchhh! ♥♥