Mom Always Understanding, Always Listening

It's a fact that to be a mother is a biggest duty in the world. Someday for girls, they will be a mother. But when you still a child, you often whine, cry, labil and do something stupidly. Because we were a child when we are 5 years old that means we were not mature yet.

But how about if we are twenties? I can say when we are twenties, it's a role to be mature: minds and attitudes. We can divide things which are goods and bads better than when we were teenagers. Beside that, when we are twenties, it's a time to prove everything inside ourselves, prove to make our dreams come true, and prove that we can be succeed. 

I feel that ways right now. 

My mom always be my partner in exchanging ideas. She offten listen me very well although many things I talked to. I bet not all people will do same things to hear my ideas like my mom do. Yes, I have too much words to say. I often give comments for every single thing that happenend at that time. Or maybe I argued government when I watched TV. And I commented to celebrities in infotainment. After all she will give opinion what I said, true or false. Something like that..

My mom were not only listening about my opinions about single thing but she did too to my wishes and dreams. Actually, I think that she would not agree with my dreams. But, she really agree and support me very well. I really thanks for everything she did for me, for my family.

Maybe for these times, until I am twenties right now, I still were not doing many things for my mom. But I promise to prove what I've been dreaming will bring happiness and success. I hope I can become mature for each day, so I can do much better things every single days and my mom will feel happy. Longevity mom :* :) 

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