Several Days

After getting unhealthy for several days ago, and yesterday was a TOTALLY day that I was getting down and couldn't do things that I have to do because I just could stay on my bed, so I did some little things: captured some pictures.. :)). But today, I was getting better. The pictures are just random things.

I took this picture on Sunday when I was not really getting unhealthy. This scenery was taken at Food Festival 2012 in Malang.

I took this picture several hours ago.

Left: my older sister's box. Right: mine (filled with thesis's papers).

The books that I read for this time.

Choco chips Waffle and Banana & Strawberry Smoothies.

Fabric Paper Box. Left: Unpacked. Right: Packed.

Mom's blouse is a dress for me :)

Guess. What's this? :)

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