ARTE for Art People

Sound interesting when there was an event which full with art things, ARTE. Me and my bestie came to this event after we attended Echelon party to support our friend Fahmi which his start up PULSK.com successfully join the 10 big start up to compete with others nine in semifinal.
I saw many things that make me have goosebumps (well I'm overreacting :p) because art is a thing that sometimes can not be rationalized. I saw the long painting which the picture is about one eye (I heard often that one eye symbol is related to illuminati). I also saw the video art which I didn't get the content. Hehehe. It sounds like I didn't understand about art at all. I also have a chance to see the performance of indie band Pure Saturday. Their songs are so good, btw :)..

Beside the paintings and video art, I also saw many cute and creative booths. Many young people came to this event. My personal opinion, event like ARTE can be a good media to gather all creations of young generations who have a big desire in art, as long as their creations bring positiveness.

And the last is Pure Saturday's performance. Yeyeiiiy! :D

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