It's been over a year I didn't update my blog until a couple of weeks ago, I visited my blog and still there's a (huge) desire to post posts. Hmm, I think I have a little bit difficulty to write in a good way. So, let me try to write about my daily life in a simple way. 

On 8 August, I and my friends went to Bogor to attend my good friend's wedding. We went by train from Jakarta and when we arrived in Bogor, a driver picked us up from St. Bogor. Unfortunately we came late and we, us, the girls only have a little time to do make up. LOL. I remembered I shed my Shiso BB Cream on my red dress and left the brownish mark.

At 1 pm, we went to Kebun Raya Bogor (Bogor Botanical Garden). We walked very far from the entrance to Griya Anggrek (a garden with so many kinds of orchids). The place is very beautiful. We spent some times there. Rather than to post pictures of orchids, I prefer posting the stones.


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