Annual Festival

I want to story about my whole day on wed, 18 May 2011.

I had presentation with my other 3 friends this morning. But I got stuck on the way to go to the college, especially in the main road, Ijen Street. Because there is an annually (very) big festival, Malang Tempo Doeloe(MTD). But I heard from my friend, Oky (he is a guide for MTD festival) that this year is last year. So, it will be so crowded than the past years ago. Imagine that there is a monster who vomits the hundred thousand people in Ijen Street. So WOW!! :)

I took some pictures of the preparation of MTD.

preparation of opening stand for MTD

traditional stand

old castle

30 minutes then..

I arrived at the college and prepared for the presentation. Fortunately, we got good apretiation. Hopefully we will get a good score.. :)

PS: I took the pictures from the car and used burst technic.

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