A Big Monster Vomit

Saturday, 21 May 2011

Still about annual festival, MTD. Yesterday I went (again) to there with my sister. Actually my sister went with her friends and I went there for helping my friend who opened a stand in Brawijaya Museum area. After I accompanied my sister to her friend's place, so I walked to my friend's stand. It's so crowded among the street.

People walked to enter the festival

A man who sell traditional food, karedok
There are so many people and vehicles passed the street. 

A warning
When i entered the festival, it looked so so so WOW!!

Food stand

My Senior High School stand :)

A monkey :)

An old car

Historical castle 

Dokar, tradisional vehicle
A woman and a snake. Errr... (-____-)"

Shoes stand

Barbie stand

Barbie has clothes too :)

Batik stand
 There is also fair in the festival!

After that I arrived at my friend's stand. So here I am. Let's cook! :)

Roti Maryam
About 9.30 pm, I went home. It's so tiring. But full of happiness. Actually, I didn't go around the whole festival because I'm busy for my friend's stand. But I'm happy. While I was waiting my father, I captured my shoes with my cell phone.

My shoes
Look at my shoes. Full of muds cause of raining. It likes a kind of my typical of wearing pants, roll up my pants.. :) :) :)

I took pictures too, captured people. Look at the photos..

Not clear

more closer..

TA DA..!! :)
Some of guys asked me to capture them while I took some photos in other side. After I captured them, one of them offered me riding the bicycle. But I rejected it. Yes, I can say that Indonesia identic with friendliness.

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